Edit Suite Rentals

Whether it's on-line finishing or off-line editing, Miller Video & Film offers a wide range of choices for post production editing. For standard definition and high definition projects we rely on the industry standard for quality in our AVID Adrenalines and Final Cut Pro 7 on Ultra fast Mac Pros with high speed drive arrays.

All the systems we offer are mobile but are also available in our deluxe edit suite, designed with client comfort and usability in mind. With our sophisticated edit bay to MCR interface, we can route any machine to our edit bay quickly and easily. Clients benefit from skilled technicians capable of accommodating almost any technical need on the fly.

Quality editors can be provided to fit the specific need of the project. Be it straight cutting or graphic/effect intensive work, we have long list of trusted editors covering a vast range of experience. In addition, our extensive resources make it possible to assemble a wide variety of professionals such as camera operators, producers and other crew, for video shoots and production teams. Our clients have come to count on us for our service in handling projects that include TV commercials, corporate videos, web video content, music videos and feature films.